Technology education for Canadians.

We design, deliver, and partner on technology education for Canadians and run programs for Ladies, Kids, Girls, Teens and Teachers. Our educational experiences cover everything from introductory HTML & CSS, to WordPress, Python, Ruby, Responsive Design, Photoshop and more. They are especially popular and successful because of the 4:1 ratio of learners to volunteer instructors at every workshop, which is only possible because of overwhelming support from the technology and startup communities in our Chapter!

77 events since

200 marshmallows have
been eaten
at 3 GLC workshops

16 lbs of cheese sauce has
been used by Clio
when hosting GLC workshops


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Interested in Mentoring?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to mentor one of our adult and youth workshops? Irina and Mihai break that down for you in this blog post.

Fun food stats!

One of our community sponsors, Clio, hosts many of our Girls Learning Code workshops and provides lunch for everyone. Here are some fun food stats from 5 workshops:

  • - 140 chicken fingers
  • - 56 burgers
  • - 100 tacos
  • - 16 lbs cheese sauce
  • - 70 fruit skewers with 4 lbs of chocolate
  • - 200 marshmallows over 3 workshops

Our Chapter

Ewuraesi Thompson
Regional Chapter Delivery Lead, West Coast

Angel Cheung Profile Photo

Angel Cheung
Vancouver Operations Lead

Courtney Chu

Courtney Chu
Vancouver Operations Lead

Denise Pereira

Denise Pereira
Vancouver Operations Lead

Donna Friesen

Donna Friesen
Vancouver Operations Lead

Tracy Rawa
Vancouver Operations Lead

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Meet some of our Vancouver

& Mentors

Arianne Dee
Back-end web developer

Amelia Sutjiadi
Designer, Web Developer

Jerry Low

“I've gotten involved with LLC mainly because I believe in empowering females in a heavily male dominated industry. Due to lack of gender diversity, many females have been intimidated to pursue not only a career but even education in the field. A few years ago my colleague (a rockstar and female developer) wanted to make some changes to that fact and started working with LLC. Since then I really enjoyed the progression and results the program generated. This is a great format different from traditional education for ladies to build the necessary foundation and understanding to this industry and I will continue to support it.”

Peter Bowmar
FX Technical Supervisor
Double Negative Vancouver

Rose Cass Profile Photo

Rose Cass
Web Development Instructor
RED Academy

“I love to share knowledge, and encourage other not to be scared of tech and coding. I know how important mentors and learning organization were to my entry into the industry, so I really want to make sure I pass on that welcome and knowledge to others.”

Sarah Veness
Web Developer
Omnifilm Entertainment

Stephanie Hogan
Freelance Web Developer and Marketing Consultant

Wahiba Chair

Wahiba Chair
Social Media Instructor
Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies

“I got involved with GLC because I believe that young girls should have the opportunity to develop a passion for technology - by 'doing' rather than by just 'watching'. Coming from a software engineering background myself, there were very few women and I'd like to see more women explore careers in the sciences and engineering. GLC is actively contributing to that mission, and providing a positive framework for change. I have really enjoyed my mentorship with GLC so far; seeing the girls come together at the end to present their projects is quite fulfilling. Not to mention, who doesn't like warm fuzzies?”

Wren Peters


Title Sponsor

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We are pleased to partner with TELUS on our shared goal of digital literacy for women and youth.

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