Week-Long Technology Camps For Kids

Designed for girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 12 who want to become builders and makers of technology. We also welcome kids and adults 13 and over to join us as volunteers!

  • 7 week-long camps
  • 32.5 hours of camp each week
  • 12 hours of before & after care included
  • 40 campers each week max
  • 4:1 campers to mentors or better


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Learn More About Our Camps

What is it?

What is it?

Girls Learning Code and Kids Learning Code Camps are designed for creative kids who want to use technology to change the world.

Technology can be intimidating - but can also be extremely rewarding with dedication and perseverance. At our technology camps, we will help kids who love technology become creators and not just consumers of technology.

Our focus is to make sure that these learning experiences are fun, engaging, empowering and inspirational. Through hands-on, collaborative, project-based learning, kids end each day having built something. This camp experience is designed to help kids see technology in a whole new light – as a medium for self-expression, and as a means for changing the world.

March Break, three weeks in July and three weeks in August

Nine full weeks of learning how to become builders and makers, not just consumers, of technology. Camp hours are from 9:30am-4pm with before and after care from 8:30am-9:30am and 4pm-5:30pm.

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What can I expect?

What can I expect?

Build stuff every day!

Alongside an amazing team of tech-savvy, passionate mentors, kids will participate in energetic five-day experiences with building and making, shifting from between being consumers to becoming creative and resourceful contributors.

Our camps are intended for absolute beginners! In large and small groups, kids will collaborate on projects. By the end of each week, kids will have have created stunning and engaging projects, all while having fun in a social and collaborative environment of like-minded students. Creations will be demonstrated by the groups at a demo-day presentation for all the parents so experience!

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Why this program?

Why this program?

Girls Learning Code has been designed specifically with girls in mind.

We keep in mind a recurrent theme in research on gender and technology: girls approach the computer as a “tool” useful primarily for what it can do; boys more often view the computer as a “toy” or an extension of the self. At Girls Learning Code, we don’t only teach ‘how’ to build, but also ‘why’ it is important. Girls Learning Code is an all-girl environment, mentored by a passionate team of tech-savvy women.

Kids Learning Code is all about truly gender balanced tech environments

We offer an opportunity for girls and boys to learn about technology and collaborate together in an environment not dominated by either gender. We want boys and girls to be comfortable and used to collaborating together on technical projects, by learning from passionate women and men from the industry. Half of the spots at Kids Learning Code camp are reserved for each gender.

We’re all about confidence and empowerment

Our lead instructors, mentors, and guest speakers are ready to teach, motivate and inspire. These are people who are currently in the field of technology, in a professional role, or in a learning opportunity.

Fun and engaging content

We LOVE technology and want to pass it on. With the help of developers, designers and professional educators, we’ve created content that not only showcases beginner friendly concepts, but also ideas to be excited about.

Tons of support

With a 4:1 ratio of expert mentors, questions are always encouraged, discussion is open-minded, and learning is creative and challenging.

Camp size

With 40 kids, our goal is to combine personalities, interests and skills to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, comfortable and confident in original thinking.

The opportunity to learn and collaborate alongside like-minded students

Through team-based exercises, social lunches, field trips and milestone celebrations, kids will feel a part of a resourceful group who are all curious about technology, and find learning about it both intriguing and rewarding.

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What will campers learn?

What will campers learn?

We provide the necessary tools, kids provide the creativity. All nine of our 2015 camps are different. Some of the topics are as follows:


  • HTML & CSS with Mozilla Thimble
  • HTML & CSS with Xray Goggles
  • Graphic Design, Photo Editing & Illustration with Pixlr
  • Data Visualization with Canva
  • Game Design with Scratch
  • Game Design with Stencyl
  • Storytelling with Scratch
  • Circuitry with Makey Makey
  • and more!


  • Personal branding
  • Time management
  • Online Safety
  • Opensource
  • Positive digital citizenship
  • Public speaking a presentation
  • Pitching ideas
  • Brainstorming
  • Collaborating
  • Problem solving
  • and more!


Additional mentor hours at no extra cost

Additional mentoring and before and after care hours from 8:30am-9:30am and 4pm-5:30pm


Join us for one of our monthly workshops for more opportunities to learn. View upcoming workshops here.

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Caitlin Chua, From Camper to Mentor
Caitlin Chua

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in computers and how they work. My earliest memory on the computer is playing ‘Neopets’ and ‘Rollercoaster Tycoon’ on my dad’s old computer. My mom supported my interests and encouraged me to explore the world beyond computer games. One day, she was reading the Toronto Star and she came across an article about Girls Learning Code. She immediately signed me up for Girls Learning Code’s first ever March Break camp.

I learned so much about coding that week, met so many friends, and had so many amazing opportunities (it’s not everyday you get to visit the Google office!) Later that year, at the summer camp, Laura Plant approached me and asked if I wanted to be a mentor in Girls Learning Code events and I was ecstatic! Since then, I’ve mentored at numerous Girls Learning Code events and camps. I truly believe that Girls Learning Code is a once in a lifetime opportunity for innovative girls interested in computers. Girls Learning Code taught me that I don’t always just have to be a consumer of the internet; instead, I can be a producer. In the future, I am positive that I will participate in more Girls Learning Code events and possibly some Ladies Learning Code events, too!

Pablo Sosin, Girls Learning Code Parent (Carol's Dad)
Pablo Sosin

When my daughter was in the fifth grade, she attended a computer club ran by Girls Learning Code at her school and she immediately got a taste for technology. I registered her in the first Girls Learning Code March Break Camp and I remember Carol coming back home and talking about HTML, CSS, Hackasaurus and Scratch without even stopping to breathe. Fortunately, Girls Learning Code has offered very generous scholarships to my daughter which have allowed her to attend many, many workshops and camps after that.

Carol has been exposed to countless tools, technologies and coding languages through Girls Learning Code. Among others, she has had the opportunity to learn about HTML & CSS, Ruby, Python, as well as image editing and has had the chance to work with hardware including Arduino kits and 3D printers. All these activities were taught and led by knowledgeable and caring professional women and a great team of mentors in an environment that made the girls feel at ease and eager to learn.

In addition to awareness about the role women play in the IT industry, Carol not only acquired new skills but also increased her self-confidence. I’d say that as a result of attending Girls Learning Code camps and workshops my daughter is now extremely curious about technology and ready to try new things and create stuff.

I feel that there’s a ton of value in what Girls Learning Code offers and the program’s sponsors expand the reach of your program to girls who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. My daughter is one of those girls and I’m deeply grateful for what Girls Learning Code and its sponsors have made available to her.

Abi Smithson From Camper to Entrepreneur
Abi Smithson

I like Girls Learning Code because we get to make a bunch of cool things like websites, games, necklaces, robotic lego and a giant talking robot. We also had the chance to try fun things like 3D Printing our own designs, Google Glass, Makey Makey, Pixlr, Python, WordPress and Sublime Text 3.

Every morning there was a challenge or problem to solve. We would have to build a solution using the materials available to buy using our toilet paper money. One of the challenges we had was to find a way to clean fishes that had oil on them and send them back to the ocean happy and healthy.

Part of the Girls Learning Code adventure was visiting the head offices of Shopify & Google in Toronto. I have already used what I have learned in Girls Learning Code to start my own business, The Love Sandal. I cannot wait to be a mentor to the younger kids in the program this summer.

Julie Smithson, Girls Learning Code Parent (Abi's Mom)
Julie Smithson

Being immersed in the technology world with my own company, I found it fitting to have my daughter learn about computers and other technology applications that would expose her to an education she does not currently learn in school. She has taken coding classes, Inventors camp, and other programming applications that she is now familiar with and and can possibly use in the computer lab.

Being a part of the Inventors Camp provided my daughter with the support and encouragement to bring her idea to life. My daughter is now launching her own company developing a woman's shoe which will be launched through a Crowdsourcing campaign in the summer of 2014. Girls Learning Code Camp is not only about technology driven education, but it provides kids with the encouragement to support and think outside the box to bring their ideas to life.

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What is Girls Learning Code?

Founded by the same women who introduced Ladies Learning Code in 2011, Girls Learning Code focuses on encouraging girls to change the world through teamwork, creativity, and, of course, technology. At our camps and workshops, Toronto’s most creative 8-12 and 13-17 year old girls join us to participate in the city’s only all-girls technology camp and workshops. This program experience is designed to help girls see technology in a whole new light – as a medium for self-expression, and as a means for changing the world.

What is Kids Learning Code?

Founded by the same women who introduced Ladies Learning Code in 2011, Kids Learning Code has been designed specifically with gender diversity in mind. Like Girls Learning Code, these workshops are beginner-friendly, hands-on and fun. Our 4:1 ratio of kids to mentors will be maintained with balanced numbers of male and female mentors. We believe that if we want to encourage more girls to enter the field of technology, we need to help boys and girls learn to work in technical environments together effectively.

Are computers provided?


Is all of the software you use at camps free?

Yes! All software is free to download, install and use if your kid would like to continue learning at home.

Is lunch provided?

Learners are asked to bring their own nut-free packed lunch, snacks and a reusable water bottle each day.

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